Enterprise Nation
A site offering information and inspiration to homeworkers across the UK
Start Your Own Business
A free local guide designed to actively encourage entrepreneurship and to provide genuine help to anyone thinking of setting up on their own. Key features include proven ways to start a business successfully, where to find local help and where to meet like-minded people.
InBiz specialises in micro enterprise business start up and support for some of the most socially excluded groups in society, who often find access to normal routes of employment very difficult. InBiz has enabled over 11,000 long term unemployed people to set up ther own business since it was established in 1991. It is based in 49 centres and is one of the most successful training, employment advice and support providers in the UK. It continues to grow rapidly. 75% of InBiz businesses are still trading after that all important 2nd year.
Business Link Wessex
Business Link Wessex are here to help businesses develop and prosper across Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. That's our goal. That's what we do. That's all we do. As we are funded by the government we are the only truly impartial organisation plus we can offer the majority of our services to you free of charge. We offer an award winning Women into Business programme (Dorset) which was one of the first in the country. As a small business we are in a unique position to understand the challenges you face. Our top class advice, available on all problems you may encounter, is all many businesses need but if you need more we will point you in the direction of an expert through our supplier matching service. It can be lonely out there, but talking to Business Link Wessex will give you the confidence to carry on.
First Partnership
First Partnership is an Education Business Partnership (EBP) whose mission is to develop and support partnerships between education, businesses and the local community in order to raise aspirations and achievements, and encourage enterprise and lifelong learning. For many years First Partnership have been encouraging women to return to study and work, principally through a programme of sessions for mothers who are able to attend school during the afternoon before they collect their children. We are pleased to be involved, as partners in the "Empower" Project and look forward to working alongside the vibrant staff at Womens Wisdom.
LadySkill is a new and unique directory that advertises services and businesses in your local area. What makes our directory different from the thousands of other directories available? Simply that all of our advertisers are women!
Chamber of Commerce
Managed by the business community for the business community, the Portsmouth & South East Hampshire Chamber responds to business needs, providing advice and services to member businesses of all sizes and sectors enabling them to grow, prosper and become more effective. Membership benefits include Networking Events - to expand your business contacts. Information & Advice - to keep you up-to-date. Training to maximise your business potential through your people. Representation & Lobbying the voice of local business. International Trade - your gateway to world markets. Exclusive Benefits - to improve your bottom line.
Leave it to The Ladies
Leave it to the is not just an online directory for women in business or businesses with a woman contact it is also a source of information and support. With the opportunity to find a variety of business services and products nationwide through the online directory, the availability of County Managers to actively assist its members, offline networking meetings hosted in a relaxed and structured environment providing opportunities for the development of business and personal skills, Leave it to the Ladies actively prides itself on promoting its members giving real businesses, real solutions from real people.
Southcoast Moneyline
South Coast Moneyline (SCML) provides Personal and Business loans for residents of Hampshire. Do you have a great business idea and can't get finance from a bank? SCMLs diverse range of customers include clothing stores, food outlets, roofers, mechanics, driving instructors, cleaning companies, website designers, and tattooists! Finance can be provided for: - People with a "PO" (Portsmouth) or "SO" (Southampton) postcode. - Start up & existing businesses - Clients with either low credit scoring or adverse credit history. Applicants are expected to have a realistic business idea. SCML are happy to give your business proposition a second look, even if you've been turned down elsewhere.
Ask the Inventors!
Ask the Inventors is part of a kindness chain. If you find helpful information here we ask that you "pay it forward" by performing acts of kindness for others and asking them to pass it on. Let's make this world a better place! Great idea? What next? Are you looking for trustworthy help to get your invention developed, patented and on the market? We know how you feel; we have been right there! Now, as successful inventors, we help you to find success without being scammed by invention promoters. Developing, protecting and marketing can be confusing, but we are here with answers!
More To Life than Shoes is the one stop inspiration shop for women who want to make their dreams happen. Whether you want to start a business, go on an adventure, write a book or work out what to do with your life will inspire, support and encourage you. Log on to join our online community, read inspiring interviews with gutsy women, get practical advice and start your own local get together. It's time to start grabbing life by the balls!
Ladies Who Latte
Welcome to LadiesWhoLatte. The most relaxed, friendly and effective networking group you'll ever come across. We currently have over 1300 members attending 26 meetings every month where you just turn up, buy your own coffee and start networking with motivating, entrepreneurial, fabulous women. Our meetings are free. There's no need to book in, you just turn up and start networking. We don't have speakers or any formal agenda..try it and see. Most meetings run between 10 and 12 but you drop in for as little or long as you want.
The National Black Women's Network brings you an exciting corporate and social networking forum aimed at women looking to create a strong online professional presence. SistaTalk is one of the fastest growing online niche network's in Britain and provides an extensive and useful resource for anyone serious about corporate and social networking. SistaTalk is attracting the attention of the who's who in industry and business so you need to ensure that this dynamic profile tool works for you. That's just part of the story:- JOIN NOW to:- · GAIN INSTANT EXPOSURE: Share what you have accomplished and what you are working on · SEARCH & CONNECT: Get introduced to people who can help you and share what's happening in the corporate and business world · EXCHANGE INFORMATION: Stay up to date on the latest news, information and events It's FREE to join the fastest growing community of cutting edge professionals and entrepreneurs. To SIGN UP for free now - visit to find open doors to companies, decision makers, colleagues and jobs.
Business Scene
Find out what business events are happening in your area, especially networking opportunities. We have around 10,000 events listed on our site, as well as our own 'Connections' events, a great opportunity to meet like-minded people from business communities, including Chambers of Commerce, Business Networks, and Business Link, and other companies in your area.
Women's Business Clubs
The Women's Business Club is the UK's leading support & networking organisation for women in business. A unique combination of business information, support, services, and a network of clubs meeting around the country, makes The Women's Business Clubs the ultimate resource for business women looking to grow their businesses or forward their careers. The Women's Business Club is a community of professional women who network online and offline. Our members share great ideas, contacts, resources, helpful tips, inspiration, and more to help each other to become more successful. Find out more on our website
Learning Opportunities in the South East
Learning Opportunities helps all those with an interest in higher level skills, education and work by providing a wealth of jargon-free information, advice and guidance. It's for people in work, hoping to return to work or about to enter the workforce. The service includes a unique userfriendly and interactive career website and access to a team of experienced career advisers. People who can't find what they need using the website and booklet are welcome to contact the team for one-to - one advice from qualified and experienced careers advisers -
Entrepreneurship Development Centre
Entrepreneurship Development Centre, London [EDCL] which is an initiative between Royal Holloway, University of London and St Patrick's International College to help entrepreneurs be better educated in how to start a business. For the last 12 months, EDCL worked with Royal Holloway, University of London to produce learning materials in entrepreneurship and business management that are both accessible and flexible and are therefore suitable for everyone; this combined with the practical, face-to-face workshops at EDCL, provides an amazing platform for learning, whether you are working in a large company or starting up your own business. EDCL has courses for: - International Entrepreneurship - Continuing Professional Development - Executive Courses - Industry Specialisation Courses EDCL also offer: - Young Entrepreneurs Development Programme - Business Incubation - Consulting & Projects Development - Global Outreach Programme Entrepreneurship Development Centre, London EDCL 24 Great Chapel Street London W1F 8FS United Kingdom E: T: 0845 5193 678
School for Social Entrepreneurs
Do you want to start an organisation to help your community? Would you like to share experiences with like-minded people and get free support? If so the Hampshire School for Social Entrepreneurs could be for you.. If you want to work for public or social benefit, have a vision and passion to improve people's lives and want to create change in your community - then you are a Social Entrepreneur! The first School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) was founded in London ten years ago by the serial social entrepreneur Michael Young. The schools exist to identify, promote and encourage entrepreneurial capacity in individuals working for social benefit. Community Action Hampshire are delighted to be running the Hampshire School which will provide an exciting and challenging one year programme to bring together people who want to make a difference. It is practical, rather than academic, so requires no minimum qualifications - only a good idea and the drive and commitment to make it happen! The first programme will start in November this year based in Portsmouth so we are recruiting NOW! Numbers are limited to 20 and most places are free through the generous sponsorship of Housing Associations. Want to know more? Email or call us on 01962 857376 Or visit and click on SSE Hampshire.